- 05 June 2020 -


Our eMenu contactless solution (QR-code menu) allows you to show your menus directly on customers smartphones without any specific App!

Click here to see the presentation :  https://link.shwtrk.com/r/e/LxgLQCnAGXmCGwgPN?r=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ-tTu9ijWY
Main ad values for you !:
• Protection for your guests and you staff - Reduce the healty risks because none menus (physically) given by your staff.
• Reduce your costs of prints.
• Quick and Easy updates in real time.
• Simplify your menus - Replace you menu in paper by a digital solution up to date.
• Make money : our easy interface allows you to increase customer carts around 5 to 9% with our menu engineering.
* Increase your turnover around 8%.
 ** Technology was tested by Marriott Hotel Chain  www.emenu-international.com
The implementation is easy ! :
THe only thing you have to do is to send us a copy of your menu, and we will do all for you !

Configuration fees include all the solution From A to Z :
• Custom web page
• Datas on our platform
•  QR code / URL
Montly fees include:
• Mobile menu solution
• Helpdesk Support
• New functionalities without any additional fees.
• Package « Menu Engineering »

None long term engagement - You can delete the service easily!

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