Boulanger a large French household appliances and multimedia electronics store was looking to replace their various hardware devices for its stores on a nationwide scale.

Project Highlights

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Hardware devices deployed
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Challenges & Solution

The delicate nature and sheer scale of the project, along the tight delivery schedule required a detailed and sophisticated planning and project management on behalf of INIBAR Services.

In close coordination with LAFI (hardware provider), the task at hand was to simultaneously organize the complete supply chain,and the undertaking of complete installation and configuration of the new software and hardware units in multiple locations.

In addition INIBAR initiated a dedicated project service manager for the coordination and training of the entire Boulanger internal team, to ensure the ability to utilize their newly installed software and digital infrastructure.

We were effective in successfully organizing and deploying project that involved multiple simultaneous locations because of our highly capable personnel strategically located throughout France, and our long standing experience in undertaking such complex and demanding projects.


Key points

• Managed the coordination between Boulanger’s external teams that participated in the project.

• Replaced all 340 computer terminals from Finance Department in 116 stores.

• Replaced 300 printers and 1150 POS devises in 224 stores.

• INIBAR manages all IT solutions and implementations for all new Boulanger store locations.

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