Groupe LE DUFF

Groupe LE DUFF

Groupe Le Duff is a French food service and agrifood production company, and the leading restaurant conglomerate in France with more than ten brand chains and over 1,900 restaurants globally.

Project Highlights

Point of Sales Terminals
Calls handled per year

Challenges & Solution

Groupe Le Duff was in need of a company with the capability to tackle the challenging task of replacing their Point of Sales systems for their restaurant brands: Del Arte, Brioche Doree, Bruegger's, Fournil de Pierre et Tablapizze; and to also providemaintenance and support services from a single point of contact towards any and all their IT and POS needs.

This task entailed the installation and configuration of Point of Sales systems for 400 restaurants within 5 different restaurant chains nationwide.

Being certified in both POS systems that Groupe Le Duff was currently using, MICROS and TCPOS, we were able to tackle the challenge head on and maintain the two POS solutions during the transition phase of this project.

With a dedicated project manager appointed as the single point of contact with Groupe Le Duff, we broke down this challenging task into one project per each brand, with a dedicated team for each brand, for more efficient rollout.

In addition to the rollout of the new Point of Sales systems for 400 restaurants, we carried out holistic IT service and maintenance both with on-site visits and our SPOC line (single point of contact) telephone support for any further systems updates and configurations.


Key points

• Set up of all POS and cash registers.

• Installation and configuration of equipment with laboratory tests.

• Organization and implementation of regional training.

• Creation of training manuals and exercise booklets for further training.

• Adaptation of project rollout pace to reach 4-9 locations per week.

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