I already have POS equipment installed at my business establishment, can INIBAR take care of maintenance for this existing system?

INIBAR is certified to perform on-site maintenance for most TPV equipment manufacturers. There is a good chance that we already know the existing equipment and already have spare parts to carry out a complete maintenance. If not, we can also put both your existing and new equipment into maintenance, whether it be POS equipment, infrastructure or office automation; INIBAR offers contracts adapted to each situation.

My businesses are in Belgium and Switzerland, can INIBAR also take those establishments into maintenance?

INIBAR offers wide geographical coverage and technicians who can travel to Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium to carry out our after-sales services, under the same conditions as if the establishment was located in Metropolitan France.

I want to launch my chain of stores in under three months, is this possible with INIBAR?

INIBAR is able to support your business even within a very short period of time. Throughout our clientele list we have demonstrated our ability to react quickly in order to meet the operational constraints of any establishment. We are also able to build a team consisting of a project manager and technicians very quickly.

How can I open a support ticket with you?

You can contact us by phone at 0 820 230 180. You can also send us your problem by email at inibar-support@inibar.com.

We are soon launching a new app for you to create support tickets directly using your smartphone.

How can I track open tickets with your helpdesk?

You receive an email for all status changes of your ticket (creation, allocation, investigation and closure).

We also provide you with access to our web platform for ticket creation and tracking.

We are soon launching a new app for you to create support tickets directly using your smartphone.

I am having difficulties in choosing the right POS software for my business. Can you help me?

INIBAR SERVICES has a great expertise with various systems on the market and can provide you with consulting advises at the beginning of your project. We can help you choose the right partner for your business and assist you in the implementation of a POS.

What are your on-site operation hours?

Our operation hours are 09:00 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday, throughout France.

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