New collaboration : COATES Group
- 12 April 2019 -

New collaboration : COATES Group

The Coates Group and INIBAR Services have signed a partnership agreement. Coates will use INIBAR Services know how and skills to assemble, deploy and maintain Coates solutions in the French territory starting with the Fast food World leader. 

The Coates group provides digital merchandising solutions for indoor and outdoor, including content, content management systems, billboards, retail displays and cloud business solutions. Coates group has clients in more than 40 countries. 

INIBAR Services brings its full coverage of French territory, its experience in rolling out and maintaining IT solutions for the Fast Food, Restaurant, Hospitality and retail industries.  

In order to finalize this exciting partnership, INIBAR services and its President Louis Laclef were honored to welcome Mr. Leo Coates and his team on INIBAR premises in Montigny-le-Bretonneux(78).

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