McDonald's is the American fast food giant with 1500 restaurants in France alone, needed assistance in the migration of their new IT solution throughout all their sites in France.

Project Highlights

Deployment over 18 months
Locations deployed per month

Challenges & Solution

The project was to undertake the complete migration of McDonald's new IT solution, which involved the management of all their IT providers, at 1500 sites within the time-frame of 18 months.

INIBAR had to ensure that the new ‘NP6’ project solution was working with all their IT service providers. This meant the meticulous testing of the receipt and verification process to ensure correct data processing, as per the McDonald's Group standards.

In order to confirm the data processing was correct, INIBAR conducted daily monitoring at each site and worked with all IT providers to troubleshoot any issues, to ensure a holistic and successful installation and implementation of the NP6 project.


Key points

• Reporting to the headquarters of Mc Donald's France on the migration process.

• Project management for the entire 'NP6' project.

• Management of all IT providers.

• Conducted monitoring at the sites and report to the various actors to lift the reserve.

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